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Are you getting what you have paid for?  By using , you can consistently verify if your Internet service provider is delivering the connection speed they promised.

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Website Design

Metro IT Solutions offers custom tailored website design to fit your specific business needs.  Our design team can make suggestions or improvements, redesign an existing site or create a brand new cutting edge website unlike any other.


Focus on Prevention

To support our clients most effectively, we recommend a regular schedule of remote monitoring of your IT systems. It offers peace of mind, consistent monitoring without a technician interrupting your workflow, and regular detailed reporting of what we find.

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Current Virus Threats

Click here for up to date security information to protect your computer systems.

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IT Solutions for Small Business


We partner with business owners to understand their specific needs and provide comprehensive customized solutions. Whether you have a long list of concerns or just a few nagging computer issues, we exist as an extension of your business and an expert to help you navigate the technology world.